The comfort & luxury you need for magical holidays. Designed with minimal Cycladic architecture by Fenny Petridi.

The earthly combination of tones & materials will soothe your mind and senses.

Ambeli Sunset Villas

Ambeli Sunset Villas

Sunset paradise & the art of mixing comfort with luxury

Great View


The great Ambeli Sunset villas are situated privately in a large vineyard, offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the famous caldera of the volcanic Santorini.

Ambeli Sunset Villas” is conveniently located just outside Megalochori, one of the most picturesque and vibrant villages in Santorini. Standing in the middle of Santorini island the guests will find all the main sites of the island within 15-20 minutes driving distance while there are plenty of options for hiking and trekking around the property.

What makes ambeli stand out:

The reasons are countless but let’s point out what makes “Ambeli Sunset Villas” a unique accommodation choice in Santorini!

The warm welcome and effortless smiles by the people of “Ambeli Sunset Villas”!

The comfortable and elegant villas and suites!

The stunning sea views

The convenient location is exactly in the middle of the island, offering easy transportation at all the main sites of the island.

The all-season round variety of activities is available.

Your departure with smiles, beautiful memories, a relaxed spirit, and the promise to come back!

Concierge services:

When the time comes to evaluate your holiday, it all comes down to one element, the most important element of all; the concierge services.

Here at Ambeli Sunset Villas, we take care of you during every single minute of your stay! We are by your side to cater to your every need, such as arranging personal transfers or bus shuttle transportation, helping you pick and plan an activity, reserving event tickets, or simply offering information!

For schedules, availability, and pricing, please consult our reception.

There is no task too big for the Ambeli Sunset Villas concierge, and that is not a promise but our commitment to efficacy and excellence!